Mock Press Kit Bio: Blue Ribbon Sports

Blue Ribbon Sports, Inc. (an imaginary company! just practicing writing for press kits)

Founded in 1984, Blue Ribbon Sports is among the largest producers of athletic shoes, apparel, and equipment in the world. While our slogan “Winning is not everything, playing is” may apply to our philosophy towards athletics, we do aim to win in all aspects of our business model. In 2019, our brand was valued at $29.6 billion, and we employed over 64,000 of the hardest working and happiest employees worldwide. Blue Ribbon Sports continues to grow and succeed, with several multimillion dollar corporate acquisitions under our belts. Blue Ribbon’s top of the line products are available in retail stores worldwide and online, and while we may have originally been an athletic brand, the distinct Blue Ribbon logo can be seen on popular athleisure-wear among young adults and urban professionals.

According to Clean Air-Cool Planet, Blue Ribbon Sports ranks first for climate-friendliness of 56 companies in its 2017 survey and continues to be dedicated to minimizing environmental impacts. This dedication to a healthy environment works perfectly in tandem with our commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle. Athletes such as Roger Federer, Usain Bolt, and Tiger Woods have represented the BRS brand and have utilized our equipment for their work. Blue Ribbon Sports persists as one of the most recognizable athletic brands in the world, but we try to stay true to our roots in our partnership with the University of North Carolina Tarheels varsity athletic teams. With a simple start selling Japanese sneakers out of UNC Women’s basketball player Carrie Night’s car, Blue Ribbon Sports has grown astronomically, but continues to be a corporation at its forefront devoted to the love of sports and relevant causes like the BRS Community Ambassador Program.

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