The Grand Finale! “Acadian to Cajun: Formation of a Cultural Identity out of Diaspora in Southern Louisiana” a thesis by yours truly

This essay served as the culmination of four years of undergraduate studies in History at Elon University. A massive thank you to everyone who helped me get to this point! It’s a big read, so strap in ladies & gents. Acadian to Cajun: Formation of a Cultural Identity out of Diaspora in Southern Louisiana RoryContinue reading “The Grand Finale! “Acadian to Cajun: Formation of a Cultural Identity out of Diaspora in Southern Louisiana” a thesis by yours truly”

Op-Ed: Don’t Be On The Wrong Side Of History

While cities like New Orleans, Baltimore, and Memphis have made the distinct and meaningful decision to remove Confederate monuments, more than 700 of these monuments still stand. As the future of our nation unfolds each day we must ask ourselves, are the Southern states of America willing to be on the wrong side of historyContinue reading “Op-Ed: Don’t Be On The Wrong Side Of History”

Book Review: The Gods of Indian Country by Jennifer Graber

A detailed description of a Kiowa Sun Dance ceremony from 1873 introduces the scene, as Graber jumps right into a comprehensive and impactful study of the relationship between Native Americans and Christian missionaries throughout the 19th century, in her 2018 book The Gods of Indian Country. This recent analysis of how Kiowa people responded toContinue reading “Book Review: The Gods of Indian Country by Jennifer Graber”

Product/Trend Analysis: Tide Pods

In 2012, P&G released their new product, Tide Pods, meant to make doing laundry easier. Following the launch of the product, poison control saw an increase in calls of children eating these Pods. Despite the fact that it is detergent, Pods inevitably look like candy. The Pods themselves appear alluring, and their colors and shapeContinue reading “Product/Trend Analysis: Tide Pods”

Revisionist History: The Legacy of Herbert Hoover

Has Herbert Hoover been judged too harshly for his response to the aftermath of the 1929 crash and the subsequent onset of economic depression? Written for MO3422: The United States in Depression and War, 1929-1945, at the University of St Andrews President Herbert Hoover is one of the most infamous American leaders in the nation’sContinue reading “Revisionist History: The Legacy of Herbert Hoover”

Mock Press Release: ECO Charter School

For Immediate Release (purely fictional events!) Camden’s ECO Charter School Wins Regional Sustainability Award CAMDEN, N.J. — The Environmental Community Opportunity (ECO) School earned the distinct honor of the NRG Energy Creatively Green Award, announced by Young Audiences New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania today. The award, presented to four winning schools in the area, isContinue reading “Mock Press Release: ECO Charter School”

Mock Press Kit Bio: Blue Ribbon Sports

Blue Ribbon Sports, Inc. (an imaginary company! just practicing writing for press kits) Founded in 1984, Blue Ribbon Sports is among the largest producers of athletic shoes, apparel, and equipment in the world. While our slogan “Winning is not everything, playing is” may apply to our philosophy towards athletics, we do aim to win inContinue reading “Mock Press Kit Bio: Blue Ribbon Sports”

Throwback! Social Media Audit: Carolina Ballet

I recently found a social media audit I completed for my Strategic Writing course in March of 2019, not knowing that in December of the same year I’d be offered an internship with their marketing department! The website I wrote about back then is now updated by yours truly on a weekly basis, and theContinue reading “Throwback! Social Media Audit: Carolina Ballet”

Strategic Campaign: Chatham Anglers

Chatham Anglers Youth Baseball Clinic For seven weeks this summer, the Chatham Anglers will host their annual youth baseball clinic. As a member of the Cape Cod Baseball League, sponsored in part by Major League Baseball, these clinics are unparalleled opportunities for kids age 6-17 to learn and practice with some of the team’s bestContinue reading “Strategic Campaign: Chatham Anglers”